New Business Landscape

[article by Rittichart S. since Sep,2003]


How Internet enhances value chai n?

Internet and e-commerce is possible to separate the physical goods from the information containing into it. As such, information can move very quickly ahead the physical product, help create a new level of transparency that enhance the whole value chai n.


Business model in 21 st century

  • Business that builds on Internet, business that leverage outside infrastructure and capabilities to create sustain value to customers and partners. For example, K-Bank that outsource all IT related including Internet banking to IBM.
  • Business that provides/operates shared infrastructures for other business to efficiently operate, business that become standard environment for other businesses. For example, provide standard application for stock brokerage firm who want to offer Internet-based stock trading to their customer.


Sample of business that built on Internet & shared infrastructure in Thaland.


  • Manager newspaper online (
  • Seamico online stock trading (

Focused distributors

  • Pantavanij e-marketplace (
  • Silkspan Financial superstore (


  • Sanook (
  • Food market exchange (


Value Webs

The concept of “Value Webs” attempts to consolidate related “Value Chains” to identify specific opportunities to create meaningful value to customer. Once a value chai n is understood and able to extract value, which is mainly in cost cutting, which is rarely creating sustainable value. That doesn’t seem to be a real value creation but a shift of value up or down in the chai n. So, here come values webs comprise value chai ns, provide information as to where value may be found and liberate with the proper strategy.



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